Interior Design in Denver and Winter Park

Make Your Dream Home a Reality!

At Wulf Renovations, our Denver and Winter Park interior designers use their passion to create awe inspiring kitchens, bathrooms, and living spaces that can completely transform your home! Whether the goal is to update and refresh a home’s interior or completely renovate the property for a potential renter or buyer, we have the skills, creativity, and passion for making any interior design project a reality.

At Wulf Renovations our interior design services include:

  • Affordable yet stylish and designs
  • Access to professional contractors
  • A no-obligation consultation to discuss your specific concerns

Interior Design Doesn’t Have to Break Your Budget

While many homeowners hold off on renovation projects due to possible budgetary constraints, our interior design experts provide cost-effective design options. From simple kitchen remodels to more advanced bathroom or basement remodels, we have the tools and experience you need to get your project done on time and one budget. .

To get started, reach out to our office by calling (303) 419-3942 today!


  • Embrace Extreme Customization
  • Design, Motivate, and Inspire You
  • Use Our Passion to Create What You Need
  • Create the Look of a Professional Designer Through Your Eyes